Erotic Sonnet V

We present this work in honor of the 45th anniversary of the poet’s death.

Salvador Novo
1904 – 1974


My life goes on as usual, why dear friend would you ask:
awake and a horror, I head for the bath
and with Helena Rubinstein lotions and creams
staunch the wrinkles, mend the seams.

I go to work. But is it work?
the monthly bulletin, year after year…
then lunch with the oddball
Minister fate has assigned me here.

Sometimes I give my usual class;
sleepily arrive at my office;
there, I’ve completed my official tasks.

Now it’s home sweet home and fare you well;
my guts are bored
by my usual clientele.

4 thoughts on “Erotic Sonnet V

  1. Judy Baker- a true Helena Rubinstein story: When her arch rival, Elizabeth Arden had one of her fingers bitten off by one of her thoroughbred racehorses Madame Rubinstein commented: How’s the horse?


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