O Come to Craigie Hill, Lassie

Archibald McKay
1801 – 1883


O come to Craigie Hill, lassie,
The sweetest joys are there;
The bloom is on the whin, lassie,
And ilka scene is fair;
The laverock’s in the lift, lassie,
Warbling its merry lay,
As if to wile us forth, lassie,
To spend the happy day.

What signifies the toun, lassie,
Wi’ a’ its empty show?
It canna yield the joy, lassie,
That nature’s charms bestow,
E’en thw wee flower on the brae, lassie,
Unheeded though it be,
To gentle hearts like thine, lassie,
A pure delight can gie.

We’ll blithely climb the hill, lassie,
And frae its brow survey
Around us wood and ;awn, lassie,
In simmer’s rich array;
Or, by the crystal well, lassie,
That skinkles doun below,
We’ll wander ‘mang the flowers, lassie,
That there in beauty blow.

That spot is dear to me, lassie,
And sacred aye shall be,
For there thy peerless charms, lassie,
First knit my heart to thee.
Then come, oh come, wi’ me, lassie,
Amang theses scenes we’ll rove,
And there enjoy ance mair, lassie,
The dear delights of love.

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