When the Milonga Cries

In honor of Malvinas Day, we present this work by one of the finest poets of 20th century Argentina.

Maria Luisa Carnelli
1898 – 1987


The bandoneón wept
sorrows that the fall of night
takes away.
And just like a heart,
the hollow hallway
picks up a sad, faithful
woman’s prayer.

The milonga cried
over its old passion,
it seems to be begging
comfort and forgiveness.
The shadow went
through the arrabal
of he, whose dagger
played with death.

Two old people
together in an alley
raise their hands
to their salvation.
And all the suburb,
with grief,
evokes a deep
love drama.

The military call
with its prolongued tremble
shook the arrabal.
With great sorrow and feeling,
sentimental pain
overcomes the woman
as the bandoneon
prays of a love.

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