To a Laborer

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we present this work by one of Mexico’s great poets.

Salvador Diaz Miron
1853 – 1928


Ruin and rot their raging rule have rolled
Rebellions, o’er the glories of thy dead!
Recall not regal dreams of carnage red,
Revels and triumphs, routs and robes of gold,

Revert no vain regret on splendors fled;
Rude, rushing time, with rigid, ruthless cold,
Ravishing, reckless, rusts thy royal head;
Ravages sanctuaries once rose-souled.

Rest! in the rank recesses of each dome
Rest! oh grand town revered, a spirit-home
Ready wilt find when worlds have passed away,
Regions of air and odorous realms of sky.
Restored in spheres of everlasting day,
Rome thou shalt never know what ‘tis to die!

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