Johann Ludwig Tieck
1773 – 1853


Love came out of a distant land
But no one followed her.
So the goddess beckoned me,
And bound me with sweet bands.

As I began to feel the pain,
Tears darkened my eyes.
— Ah! What is Love’s happiness?
I cried, why this game?

— I have not yet found anyone,
Said the figure kindly.
— Feel now the power
Which has bound other hearts.

All my desires fled
Into the blue and airy expanse.
Fame seemed to me but a daydream:
The sound of waves breaking on the shore.

Ah! Who will release me from my chains?
For my arms are bound fast,
A swarm of sorrows flies around me.
Will no one, no one at all, save me?

Dare I look in the mirror
Which Hope holds up before me?
Ah, the world is but a delusion!
No, I cannot put my trust in it.

O, but do not let that waver
Which is your only strength.
If your soul mate does not love you,
Your only fate is the bitter death of the invalid.

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