Rise Up! To Woman

We present this work in honor of the 110th anniversary of the poet’s death.

Sara Estela Ramírez
1881 – 1910


Rise up! Rise up to life, to activity, to the beauty of truly living; but rise up radiant and powerful, beautiful with qualities, splendid with virtues, strong with energies.

You, the queen of the word, Goddess of universal adoration; you, the sovereign to whom homage is paid, do not confine yourself so to your temple of God, nor to your triumphant courtesan’s chamber.

That is unworthy of you, before Goddess or queen, be a mother, be a woman.

One who is truly a woman is more than a goddess or queen. Do not let the incense on the altar or the applause in the audience intoxicate you, there is something more noble and more grand than all of that.

Gods are thrown out of temples; kings are driven from their thrones, woman is always woman.

Gods live what their followers want. Kings live as long as they are not dethroned; woman always lives and this is the secret of her happiness, to live.

Only action is life; to feel that one lives is the most beautiful sensation.

Rise up, then, to the beauties of life; but rise up so, beautiful with qualities, splendid with virtues, strong with energies.

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