Love Poem

June Beer
1935 – 1986


Oscar, yuh surprise me
assin far a love poem.

Ah sing a song a love fa meh contry
small contry, big lite
hope fa de po’, big headache fa de rich.
Mo’ po’ dan rich in de worl
mo’ peeple love fa meh contry

Fa meh contry name Nicaragua
Fa meh peeple ah love dem all
Black, Miskito, sumu, Rama, Mesitizo,
So yuh see fa me, love poem complete
‘Cause ah love you too.
Dat no mek me erase de moon
An de star fran de firmament.

Only somehow wen ah remenba
how yuh bussing yo ass
to defend dis sunrise, an keep back
de night fran fallin,
ah know dat tomara we will have time
fa walk unda de moon an stars.
Dignify an free, sovereign
Children a Sandino.

2 thoughts on “Love Poem

    1. Alas, I have never seen an analysis of this poem online. I was attracted to it, less for its content, and more for the sound of the language and use of dialect (which I fear I only did middling justice in the recording).


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