We present this work in honor of the 40th anniversary of the poet’s death.

06-26 Arce
Manuel Maples Arce
1900 – 1981

Road of other dreams we leave with the afternoon;
A strange adventure
He defiled us in the bliss of the flesh,
And the heart fluctuates
Between her and the desolation of the journey.

In the agglomeration of the platforms
The sobs broke suddenly;
After, all night
Below my dreams,
I hear their moans
And his entreaties.

The train is a blast of iron
Which sweeps the landscape and moves everything.

I apologize for your memory
All the way
Of ecstasy,
And beat in the chest
The distant colors of his eyes.

Today we will spend the fall
And the prairies shall be yellow.

I shudder for her!
Absence uninhabited horizons!

Tomorrow will be everything
Cloudy from your tears
And the life that comes
It is weak as a breath.

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