Elvira’s Song

07-06 Echeverria
Esteban Echeverria
1805 – 1851


Did a tender bush grow
On the banks of a gentle river,
And its dark branches
Very proud he spread;
But in the bitter winter
The river rose like a torrent,
And in its tumid stream
The tender bush led.

Reflecting snow and scarlet,
She was born garrida and pompous
In the desert a rose,
Gala del prado and love;
But he launched with insane fury
His breath inflamed the wind,
And it took away in a moment
Its vain pomp and freshness.

So everything lasts well…
So sweet loves,
Like the lush flowers,
They fade in their dawn;
And in the uncertain sway
From fickle fortune,
Born and dies in an instant
The hope of love.

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