The Shore

11-04 Karamzin
Nikolay Karamzin
1766 – 1826


After the storm and tossing of the waves,
After all the dangers of the voyage,
There is no hesitation for the seamen
To enter the peaceful port.

Let it even be unknown!
Let it not be on the map!
The thought, the hope is delightful for them,
There to free themselves from troubles.

And if then they discover by a glance
On the shore, friends, kinsmen,
“Oh happiness!” they exclaim
And fly into their arms.

Life! thou art sea and tossing of the waves!
Death! thou art port and peace!
There will be the reunion
Of those separated here by the wave.

I see, I see… you beckon
Us to the mysterious shores!…
Dear shadows! Keep
A place near you for your friends!

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