Fall Tomorrow

We present this work in honor of Human Rights Day.

03-21 Thomas
Gladys Thomas
South African
b. 1934

Don’t sow a seed
Don’t paint a wall
Tomorrow it will have to fall

Let the dog howl and bark
Tomorrow he will Sleep in the dark
Let the cock crow
Let the hen lay
Tomorrow will be their last day

Let the children chop trees
Let them break
Let the destructive little devils
Ruin and take
For tomorrow they know not their fate

Don’t sow a seed
Don’t pain a wall
Tomorrow the yellow monster will take all

Let our sons dazed in eye
Rape and steal
For they are not allowed to feel
Let the men drink
Let them fight
Let what is said about them
Then be right
For they are not allowed to think

So bark, howl, crow,
Chop, break, ruin,
Steal, drink, fight,
Let what’s made of us be right

Tomorrow we gaze at a new view
Seas of sand given by you
And we say
Sow the seed
Paint the wall
Be at home in our desert for all
You that remade us
Your mould will break
And tomorrow you are going to fall

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