Piu Avanti

We present this work in honor of Argentina’s Dia de la Memoria.

03-24 Palacios
Pedro Bonifacio Palacios
1854 – 1917

Don’t embrace defeat, even defeated,
don’t feel yourself a slave even enslaved,
trembling in terror, think you fearless,
and charge with fury, badly wounded.
Have the tenacity of the rusted nail,
though old and ruined, become a nail as ever.
Not the cowardly folly of the turkey
that folds its plumage at first tremor.
Proceed like God, who never cries,
or like Lucifer, who never prays;
or be like the oaktrees, whose grandour
has need of water and won’t beg…
Let bites and yells of vengeance
Rolling on the dust!, your furious head.

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