A Prayer That You Will Never Forget Me

We present this work in honor of the 75th anniversary of the poet’s death.

Óscar Castro Zúñiga
1910 – 1947



I will start to live in each rose
And in each lily that your eyes will see
And in every bird trill I’ll sing your name
So that you‘ll never forget me.


If you cry as you contemplate the stars
And your soul fills with impossibilities,
It’s because my loneliness has come to kiss you
So that you’ll never forget me.


I will paint a rose colored horizon
And I will paint blue wallflowers
And I will guild the moon on your hair
So that you’ll never forget me.


If asleep you sweetly walk
Through a world of diaphanous gardens,
Think of my heart that dreams of you,
So that you’ll never forget me.


And if some evening, at a far away altar,
You hold another’s hand, and you are blessed,
When the golden ring is placed on your finger,
My soul will be an invisible tear
In the eyes of the moribund Christ
So that you’ll never forget me!

Translation by Joan Veronica

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