Ship from the Thames

We present this work in honor of the poet’s 110th birthday.

Rex Ingamells
1913 – 1955


Stay, ship from Thames with fettered sails
in Sydney Cove, this ebb of tide;
your gear untangled from the gales,
imprisoned at your anchor ride.

The portly gentleman who are
the pillars of the land come down
and greet the Newcomes voyaged far
to make a name in Sydney town.

The Recoats, too with shouldered arms,
marshal pale wretches from the hold,
who, cramped in tempest and in calms
have learned to do as they are told.

Flash phaetons fill the streets to-day;
inn-tables rock to sailor fists;
the Governor, while the town is gay,
checks over new assignment lists.

Aloof, the slandered and abhorred
behold from of a quarried rise,
the cause of all the stir aboard
a fiercer glitter in their eyes.

3 thoughts on “Ship from the Thames

    1. Many thanks. Since this blog’s beginnings, I have been continuously enamored of the Australian poets (most of whom I knew nothing about before embarking on the project). This is the second Ingamells piece I’ve recorded and I really love his rhythms. Imagine how much more magnificent work he might have left us, if it weren’t for his tragic death in an auto accident.


      1. Yes indeed Australian poetry is not widely known outside that part of the world.

        And yes, we can only ponder at the loss to poetry caused by his tragic untimely demise.

        I am so thankful to have found your project because of the huge variety of wonderful poets that you have featured that would have forever eluded me. Thank you for what you do here


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