Welcome, Welcome, Brother Debtor

Francis Williams
c. 1700 – 1770


Welcome, welcome Brother debtor;
to yon poor but merry place,
Where no Bayliff, dun or setter,
Dare to show their frightful face,
But kind sir, as you’re a stranger;
Down your garnish you must lay
Or your coat will be in danger
You must either strip or pay.

Ne’er Repine at your confinement
From your children or your wife,
Wisdom lies in true Refinement
Thro’ the various scenes of life
Scorn to Show that least resentment
Tho beneath the frowns of fate,
Knaves and beggars find contentment,
Tears and cares attend the great.

Tho’ our Creditors are spiteful
And restrain our bodies here,
Use will make a Gaol delightful
Since there’s nothing else to fear,
Every Island’s but a prison
Strongly guarded by the sea,
Kings and princes for the reason
Prisoners are as well as we.

What was it made great Alexander
weep at his unfriendly fate?

Twas because he could not wander
Beyond ye world’s strong prison gate,
The world itself is strongly bounded
by the heavens and stars above,
Why should we then be confounded,
since there’s nothing free but love.

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