Jamila Mejri
b. 1951


I know what the sea tells the desert
And the words of high palm trees through gesturing
The sound of the sands praising
when water flows
The fear of the spikes harvested them
scythes of strangers
And the thirsty seed reveals to me
If he gets high, he is free
And if the wind whispers
in the wide open
I realized her grandfather’s shiver
In the ecstasy of the passions
I know what was silenced
from the sighs of the mute
when it complains to me
about the burden it bears
And the blame of the dead
The disillusions of the alive
It is the heartbreak of History
The most glorious names
And it went on to pick up the tracks
In the desperation of darkness

Translation by Mehmet Hakkı Suçin

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