Nevermind My Heart

We present this work in honor of the 75th anniversary of the poet’s death.

Sabahattin Ali
1907 – 1948


Do not let your head tilt forward
Nevermind my heart, never mind
Don’t let them hear you’re crying
Nevermind my heart, nevermind

Crazy waves outside
Come and lick the walls
These sounds distract you
Nevermind my heart, nevermind

Even if you can’t see the sea
Turn your look upwards
The sky is like the sea
Nevermind my heart, nevermind

When your troubles rear up
Send a reproach to Allah
There are still days to see
Nevermind my heart, nevermind

Bullets finish by shooting
Roads end by walking
Your sentence finishes by serving
Nevermind my heart, nevermind

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