Reproach in a Letter on Colored Paper

Shangguan Wan’er
664 – 710


When first leaves fall on Lake Dongting,
I long for you, thousands of miles away.
In heavy dew my scented quilt feels cold,
At moonset, brocade screen deserted.
I would play a Southland melody
And crave to seal a letter to Jibei.
The letter has no other message but
This misery in living long apart.

Translation by Su Zhecong

2 thoughts on “Reproach in a Letter on Colored Paper

  1. Matthew, for a few weeks now the names of the poets have not been appearing on the daily emails. Any way to correct this? I do very much enjoy your offerings! This one is beautiful!


    1. Hi Debbie,

      A few others have also mentioned this. Sadly, I have no idea why the email formatting has changed. The emails are auto-generated. The best advice I can offer is to click on the title of the poem in the email and that will take you to the blog itself where the poet’s name, nationality, and dates are under the image as always.


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